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Essential Elements of our Work
Throughout our work with non-profit organizations we return, time and again, to a core set of approaches. These elements are the essentials of non-profit work, leading the way out of business as usual and into a state of effective action and shared meaning.

Utilize Story as an Illuminating Tool: Non-profit organizations are built upon partnerships, and partnerships are formed when individuals and groups recognize that they share a common story. As we identify and convey the story of what we do and why we do it, we increase our ability to foster a broad network of collaborators and supporters.

Convene Conversations that Matter: When seeking to address our communities' most pressing needs, non-profits must often find a path through uncertainty. Without a map available, navigating this territory requires that colleagues or community members come together to discuss highly serious matters – areas of conflict or difference; visions of what could be possible; and the formation of agreements for moving forward. When facilitated well, these conversations allow the emergence of insight, action and understanding.

Approach Work Collaboratively: Strong and genuine collaboration does not come easy. Effective partnership demands clear communication, high levels of inter-dependency and mutual understanding among all involved. We support agencies in building partnerships that expand capacity and generate new approaches to meeting the needs of our communities.

Seek Shared Learning: The work of non-profit organizations is in a continuous state of evolution. Despite tight schedules, many of the clearest insights and most dynamic strategies emerge when time is allotted for learning and reflection. Storywalkers helps institutions become learning organizations, in which team members cultivate curiosity, support risk-taking, and seek to address contradictions within the organization.