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Strengthening Your Organization's Story

January 29, February 26 & March 26, 2013

Storywalkers is very pleased to partner with the Nonprofit Resource Center in 2013 to conduct a series of monthly workshops. The series, called "Strengthening Your Organiztion's Story," is composed of three topics Empowered Ambassadors (Jan 29), Stories that Sizzle (Feb 26) and the Nonprofit Innovation Lab (Mar 26). Each workshop can be taken as a stand-alone or in combination.

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Heart of the Matter: Strengthening Your Organization's Story

Wednesdays, April 18; May 2, 16, 30; June 13, 2012

5:45 PM - 8:45 PM

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The Heart of the Matter is designed for non-profit and public sector leaders who seek to actively respond to today’s complex times. Executive directors, program managers, board members and community organizers will find that the work of story speaks directly to the challenges and opportunities they face. Each module will emphasize a different element that collectively are central to non-profit and public agency work: 1) Systems Change; 2) Finances & Fund Development; 3) Planning & Evaluation; 4) Leadership & Collaboration; and 5) Outreach & Marketing.

The Heart of the Matter is structured as a series of hosted learning conversations. We will generate a rich, creative and dynamic learning environment as each participant offers stories, experience and curiosity. Approaches to the work will include:

  • Identification and integration of the Three Voices of Effective Story (the scientist, the artist and the marketing executive).
  • Inquiry and reflection as a means of clarifying visions, building teams and developing plans for strategic action.
  • Articles and discussion presenting innovative and alternative approaches to systems change, fund development and community engagement.
  • Individual and collective goal setting, design of outreach materials and development of new metrics to measure real impact.

Price (all five evenings): $385; $345 Early Registration (by April 3rd)

                                   Note: Adjusted fees available for staff teams and members

                                            of small grassroots organizations.

Food: Catered dinners and wine provided at each meeting.

Location: Sacramento Tree Foundation

              191 Lathrop Way, Suite D

              Sacramento, California



Open Conversations -- September, October & November 2011

Please join consultant and facilitator, Mark Simon, for an evening of Dinner, Story and New Conversations. We will explore a different theme each evening, playing together, making connections and finding stories waiting to emerge. The elements of each gathering – convening strategies, tools for story, and opportunities for insight – lend themselves to professionals sharing common work as well as to individuals participating in shared learning.

Each of the events below provides a creative space for individuals to explore and reflect. Dinner is included, with a promising and different menu each evening. These conversations are open to anyone interested. The cost for each event is $20. Please register online via the links below or contact Mark Simon with any questions.

Download a flyer for more information about these events. Help spread the word - pass it on to others you think would like to be there.

Moving into Uncertainty
Wednesday, September 21st
Pence Art Gallery
Davis, California

Working from a Place of Inspiration and Meaning
Wednesday, October 19th
Berkeley Art Center

Berkeley, California

Calling Ourselves into Action
Wednesday, November 16th
ThinkHouse Collective
Sacramento, California