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Meeting at the Crossroads

Monday, November 4th, 6-9 PM

On November 4th, Mark Simon will join his close friend and collaborator, Jane Rabin, to lead a spirited evening of story and learning at the Bread of Life Center in Sacramento, California. [Click here to download the event brochure]

Coming to a crossroads signifies that there is some combination of opportunity, uncertainty, decision-making and/or danger present in our lives. It is a quintessential and universal spiritual moment. Stories of arriving at a crossroads are found in every spiritual tradition and are prevalent across popular culture.

We will utilize a combination of poetry, story, contemplative exercises and imagery to identify the elements and circumstances that color and shape the recent, current or anticipated crossroads faced by each participant. We will emphasize four distinct areas of experience:






Come away for an evening inviting you to slowly and deeply explore the process of coming to a crossroads. Participants will be invited to engage individual and shared storytelling, exploring the words and language that arise in each of our journeys.