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Grant Writing

Click here to download a one-pager summarizing our grant approach and offerings.

Storywalkers maximizes collaboration and communication with clients throughout the grant proposal writing process, creating an opportunity for real-time organizational development. Our grant writing offerings include:

Detailed Action Plans for New Programs: Storywalkers works with staff to design program goals and objectives, timelines for implementation, measurable outcomes, plans for evaluation and budgets.

Private Foundation and Corporate Proposals: Storywalkers prepares proposals that eloquently convey the strength of each client's proposed project.

Government Grant Applications: Storywalkers produces narratives that effectively convey each client's ability to meet grant requirements, while coordinating staff teams to complete the full array of required forms, documents and attachments.

Grant Funding Research: Storywalkers utilizes a variety of online tools and databases to identify and prioritize potential private foundation and government grant funders. We also make inquiries with potential funders to explore the possibility for new partnerships.