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Peer-to-Peer Learning
Storywalkers helps institutions become learning organizations, in which team members cultivate curiosity, support risk-taking, and seek to address contradictions within the organization. The work of non-profit organizations is in a continuous state of evolution. Despite tight schedules, many of the clearest insights and most dynamic strategies emerge when time is allotted for learning and reflection.

Storywalkers convenes several types of ongoing conversation that promote professional learning and reflection. Adult Reflection and Capacity Building are offered to professional teams who currently work together. In addition, Storywalkers offers customized series of professional development workshops designed for collaborative teams to explore specific topics and themes.

Adult Reflection:Adult Reflection is a practice designed to generate change within institutions seeking to become learning organizations.  Storywalkers creates a safe and consistent space for staff members to learn and support one other in professional and personal development.

Capacity Building: Capacity Building takes place as an organization or group commits to develop strategies in response to an existing need. Storywalkers structures and facilitates bi-weekly or monthly meetings and documents insights, findings and new strategies so that participants are able to share and apply the outcomes of the process.

Professional Development: Peer-to-Peer Learning workshops are open to professionals seeking a process of creative discovery. Participants focus on a current professional idea or challenge; share stories, insights, best practices and new possibilities; and develop a clear action plan to reach a new outcome.