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Strategic Planning

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When conducting strategic planning, Storywalkers emphasizes internal capacity building, seeking to amplify an organization's effectiveness immediately. By the time an action plan is complete, we will have produced a tangible roadmap to success. In addition to producing a comprehensive document, everyone involved will be confident that the roadmap outlines a fully feasible course of action for staff, board, stakeholders and partners to carry out. Storywalkers accomplishes strategic planning through:

Identifying Assets, Opportunities, Priorities and Needs: Storywalkers utilizes various tools (conversations, focus groups, interviews, surveys) to capture and convey areas of agreement and dissonance before moving more deeply into the planning process.

Developing Action Plans for the Near-Term: Storywalkers facilitates team members in designing a clear plan to implement new projects or initiatives or to conduct a gradual systemic change (such as a shift in leadership structure).

Mapping Scenarios for the Long-Term: When looking at pieces of work that require two years or more to implement, and that involve elements of uncertainty, Storywalkers engages organizations in scenario planning. With this model, later stages in a plan allow for a range of variables, factors and decision-points.

Fostering Accountability for Implementation: Storywalkers leads planning teams in an honest examination of workloads, follow-through, accountability and course adjustment. Participants make clear agreements about what each individual will do, how support will be provided and how progress will be tracked and celebrated.