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Strategic Planning
Storywalkers develops clear and concise action plans. We utilize the planning process as an opportunity to build capacity and ensure that an organization is becoming increasingly effective. We support and guide staff and board in carrying out deeply honest conversations–identifying their dreams for the organization while acknowledging likely obstacles and opportunities on the road ahead.

Grant Writing
Storywalkers approaches each grant proposal as an opportunity to explore and document a new chapter in an organization's development. Whenever an individual or team begins to envision a new way to meet a need or provide a service, a new story is taking shape. As that story becomes real, it emerges in the form of action plans, program goals and objectives, budgets and revenue, leadership and staffing, measurable outcomes, and systems for evaluation and accountability. These components of an organization's story also serve as the core elements of every grant proposal.

Storywalkers utilizes a broad repertoire of techniques to convene a meeting, retreat or series of conversations. Storywalkers' dynamic and responsive approach to facilitation has proven particularly effective in circumstances in which there is a lack of trust or people have strongly conflicting interests or points of view.